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Project and Employ: Intelligence Analyst (Imedia.it, inc)
Type: Interactive Courseware
Tools: SCORM, FLash, Actionscript 3, XML, HTML, Javascript, JSON

Intelligence Analyst is a web-based training software module created for Military Intelligence Soldiers utilizing media elements, such as: video and audio, image stills and 3-D animations. I built this module in my own custom Flash E-Learning template where users are able to interact with video and audio sequences and are presented with a game-like experience via a robust front-end UI (user interface) in order to deliver a real-life simulated training experience.

I was given this unique opportunity while employed at Imedia.it, inc as a Senior Media Specialist where I developed custom Learning template environments that utilized timing, grading, consequences and feedback driven content as well as merged video, audio and 3-D components for realistic, web-based training.